In the Unknowns I know…

(11/11/2013) this was originally posted on a blogger site and, until I choose which platform is best for me, I will try to publish and post on both.

(11/7/2013) I do not have the About Me section set up yet, or a nice custom site made (as a graphic designer, this is probably one thing that’s held me back the longest because it is driving me crazy and, let’s face it, humbling me, but I was given a challenge to post (last Thursday) between then and now, and I’ve reached the deadline for that challenge. So, I hope you enjoy and comment. the Lord shines through this and speaks to you. If you enjoy and comment, that’s just a plus!

(Written 09/30 or 10/01/2013)

I wrote a blog post, without posting or SAVING, about David’s life up to 30 years and mine, and what God has in store for me. I will try to rewrite that one day, perhaps. I will be sure to post it next time, or at least hit save!

I also have plans to write about God’s provisions for my family lately. There have been many trust moments. God has provided all along the way and has loved on and blessed us.

Along with those two posts I also need to write an Introduction, but today I have other plans, something different on my heart. I have several friends going through difficult times right now… health struggles and health unknowns, marriage struggles, ugly divorces, custody battles, struggles determining what is best for the child/children, job uncertainty, husband locked away while battles and storms hit the wife’s home without him there to help, child loss, barren days, a pastor (and others) deserting you when you need your church family most (Praise God that when you do walk “alone” you are not alone. He is there and He provides! Please lean FULLY on Him)… many friends, many dear loved ones, who are going through difficult and even confusing times. We, most likely, went through a miscarriage during the two weeks my husband was off work between jobs (there have been others expected and one documented in the past). I have health difficulties that I will struggle through until God has them pass or takes me home.

While studying about David this summer and fall (working through the study, David: Seeking a Heart like His” by Beth Moore), I have learned so much and God has shown me so much that testifies of His love and provisions, providences, and forgiveness, His peace and His mercies! This will by no means be the last you hear of David from me. Samuel anointed David, and for 15 years there were so many unknowns and battles – he was chosen despite his age and stature, his dear friend Jonathan died at a young age, Saul turned on David so he was fleeing and hiding and even sent his family away from their homes for safety – we do not really hear about them again, not to mention this promise of being King. There were so many why’s and so many unknowns, but David often is found in Psalms recalling what He did know about God in the middle of all his unknowns.

In our battles of uncertainties we must recall and take refuge in what we do know about God. I may not know the big picture, I may not know if I’ll ever have full use and strength in my arms, I may not know if more delightful challenging children are in our future, I may not know when all of this traveling with work will be over for my husband while he’s working out of town (and when he’s moved back to a more local office), but I do know that HE CHOSE ME! In all my faults and failures, He chose me. I do know I heard Him as He opened my heart. I know He loves me and wants His best for me. He wants me! I know that I can glorify Him, find joy in Him, and I know that eternity with God is waiting for me! I could go on and on, but instead I’ll ask you…

What do you know in your unknowns?